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The Strong Women Program, developed at Tufts University by Dr. Miriam Nelson, is custom designed to address specific age related
problems, health, wellness and vibrant aging. RSVP’s Growing Strong and Osteo Exercise Programs offers strength training for
men and women who want to increase their strength, energy and balance and to look and feel better. RSVP staff has been certified
by Tufts University.

Strength training has been shown to reduce the signs and symptoms of many diseases and chronic conditions in the following ways:

  • Arthritis-reduces pain, stiffness and increases strength and flexibility
  • Diabetes-improves glucose control.
  • Osteoporosis-builds bone density, improves balance and reduces risk for falls.
  • Heart Disease-reduces cardiovascular risk by improving lipid profile and overall fitness.
  • Obesity-increases metabolism which helps burn more calories and helps long term weight control.
  • Back Pain-strengthens back and abdominal muscles to reduce stress on the spine.

People who exercise regularly sleep better, more deeply, longer and awaken less often. Strength training exercises can also reduce depression, boost self-confidence and self esteem and improve the overall sense of well-being.

RSVP conducts Growing Strong & Osteo exercise classes at 8 locations in Oneida County. There are over 90 participants in the program! Our Growing Strong Coordinator is certified by Tufts University to instruct classes and train Volunteer Peer Leaders. Volunteer Peer Leaders receive free equipment and can take any Growing Strong or Osteo exercise class for free!

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