50 Forward Mohawk Valley runs a few wonderful evidence based programs. These are programs that have been vigorously tested, proven effective, and turned into practical models which we apply at 50 Forward Mohawk Valley locations. These programs are held at various times and locations throughout the year. For information on when these classes will be held, or to sign-up, please call our Wellness Coordinator Debby at (315) 223-3973 ext. 115.

Aging Mastery Program - AMP

The Aging Mastery Program encourages the development of behaviors across many dimensions that will lead to improved health, stronger financial security, and overall well-being. By participating in this program you will: make and maintain small, but impactful changes in your health behaviors; financial well-being; and enrichment later in life. 

This program is made possible through funding from the Slocum Dickson Foundation.

Matter of Balance - MOB

Many older adults experience concerns about falling and end up restricting their activities as a result. Matter of Balance is an award winning program designed to help you manage falls, and increase activity levels.

This program is for anyone that is concerned about falling, interested in improving balance, anyone who has fallen in the past, and anyone who restricts their activities due to fear of falling. In this class you will learn: how to view falls as controllable, make changes to reduce fall risks, participate in low level exercises, and more.

Rock Steady Boxing - RSB

Rock Steady Boxing is an organization which provides an alternative treatment for Parkinson’s Disease. Their method employs functional movement fitness. It is an intense, circuit-based training that pushes your perceived limits, and uses tough love and fun to accomplish its goals.

This is non-contact boxing that has been shown to slow and even reverse the progression of Parkinson’s. It helps with motor skills by improving balance, strength, and flexibility. Participants usually feel better, have more energy, enjoy a better quality of life, and have a better mood and outlook.

Some other benefits of this program are: walking better, having an easier time getting up and down, increased rotation of your muscles, and improved balance.

StayYoung StrongBones - SYSB

SYSB’s is a program that was developed at Tufts University by Dr. Miriam Nelson and is custom designed to address specific age related problems, health, wellness, and vibrant aging. Disability and reduced ability to perform daily activities are primary concerns for many people today. Strength training is an extremely powerful antidote to loss of muscle, bone density, and the development of chronic diseases.

Health Literacy

Older adults are at an increased risk of low health literacy, which decreases during times of physical or emotional stress. Low health literacy has been associated with excess healthcare costs as well as increased health risks for for patients. The primary goal of health literacy training is to help patients improve their ability to understand and use health information for more successful outcomes, and to help healthcare providers in their ability to provide information that is accessible and understandable to patients. 

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