Mohawk Valley Volunteers

Individuals who are looking for volunteer opportunities should check out our Volunteer Opportunity Portal which provides an easy tool to match individuals with local service opportunities or projects.

If you are a volunteer agency, you are also encouraged to work with us to promote volunteer opportunities with your agency to involve local citizens who are looking to give back.

The MVV project is still growing and anyone who would like more information about volunteer opportunities or how the project can assist you can call the PC Department of Volunteer Services at (315) 223-3973 or visit the Volunteer Opportunity Portal at

Our Mission

As the Mohawk Valley Regional Volunteer Center, we will be:

  • helping individual volunteers find service opportunities with local non-profit agencies within the region
  • support the development of an on line statewide network of volunteer opportunities
  • measuring the local impact of volunteer activity to share through a formal New York -specific study
  • delivering training and technical assistance to support local volunteer organizations

MVRVC Volunteer Opportunities

Blood Donor Recruitment Volunteer – Make calls from your home for blood donor recruitment.

Blood Drive Volunteers – Volunteer at a local Blood Drive or the Blood Drive Center.

Disaster Volunteers – Get trained to assist community members in the event of a disaster.

Outreach Volunteers – Attend health fairs and presentations on behalf of the American Red Cross.

Volunteer Mobility Managers – Become trained to assist seniors in the community about Retiring from Driving. Help them plan for this event just as they would plan for retiring from working. Full training provided.

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